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Usability Introduction – Baltics

Thank you to all those people who attended the session today in Tallinn, and I look forward to meeting people from Vilnius and Riga! Thanks also go to the guys at Best Marketing, who have made me very welcome. I promised lots of links to go with the presentation, so here they are...

Accessibility findings vs recommendations

This article on newspaper site accessibility dropped into my inbox, from the author hoping to get some coverage from accessibility related sites. Whilst the aim is good (testing sites to increase the awareness of accessibility), I wouldn't be happy with the recommendations.

Usability myths and professionals

A recent post by a local authority web officer was fairly frustrating for me, as it perpetuates several myths in usability, as well as calling into question my motives. The last part is about usability advice (from me) published on the localdirect.gov.uk site.

Testing with a screen reader

In case you missed it on accessify, Mike Davies posted detailed notes from his presentation on AJAX and accessibility. It's all good, but one part I particularly applauded...

Automated PDF accessibility testing

Portable Document Format icon.I periodically receive emails from Sitemorse, despite trying to unsubscribe a couple of years ago. This one escaped my usual filters, and I noticed an interesting statistic about the number of accessible PDFs in the wild.