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Flexbox IE11 bugs

I recently started experimenting with flexbox. On this blog. Without enough testing. Or at least, without the kind of testing I would do for a work project. It's a live experiment! Here are the bugs I ran into.

XHTML disrupted by Mobile access

Screen shot of the XML error, lots of code.I'm not sure whether to put this down to an issue with my (mobile) ISP, or whether it should count against using XHTML sent as application/xhtml+xml? I've recently found that even a well authored site using valid XHTML can display as an XML error in browsers that support XML mime types.

Closing the gap – User Agent improvements

screen shot from an accessibility extension. Following up on the responsibilities in accessibility, some of the most critical gaps at the moment are on the User Agent (UA) end. This post highlights the things I think would make the most difference to people's experience of accessibility on the web.

Conditional comments in CSS

With the advent of Internet Explorer 7, there is now little choice but to create separate style sheets for different browsers, at least for a moderately complex visual design or layout. This post explores the need for change, and where this approach could go.