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Subscription accessibility update

Back in 2006 I posted about 'subscription accessibility', where sites have to pay to enable accessibility features for users. It came up with a different service so I thought it worth re-considering.

Zoom for fixed and responsive sites

I also considered calling this "Why zoom sucks on mobile", as that is the biggest issue with zooming & web development. To understand why I'll walk through the different ways zoom works on desktop and mobile.

Flexbox IE11 bugs

I recently started experimenting with flexbox. On this blog. Without enough testing. Or at least, without the kind of testing I would do for a work project. It's a live experiment! Here are the bugs I ran into.

CSUN: Accessibility theory vs implementation reality

Lessons learned from a project by Hans Hillen and Jennifer Gauvreau, what should have worked that didn't! Lots of JAWs/IE bugs and how they got around them.

CSUN: Browser zoom sucks for low vision users

Denis Boudreau and Wayne Dick presented on why browser zoom sucks, firstly from the point of view of testing with WCAG, and then from a low-vision user's point of view.

Use case for high-DPI zoom

In PPK's much needed research into how browsers handle media queries, he suggests that there isn't a use case for increasing the DPI when zooming in. I think I have one.

Design bomb in W3C’s garden

The W3C's new logo for HTML5 with a whacking great question mark next to it. A post came up in my feed called the BOMB in the GARDEN by Matthew Butterick. I found it... frustrating. I don't think the solutions would help with the issues he raises.

Browser zoom great for accessibility

boston-sizing-comparisonA reply to recent posts about text-sizing being necessary, and outlining why responsive design works better with zoom.

How to hold your iPad

 width=Taking my arguments about pixels being relative another step, the CSS pixel sizes that device makers use actually tell us the distance away from your eye that they think you should hold a device. Applying a bit of maths lets us work out what that distance is.

Screen resolution by ratio

Daniel Davis posted a simple survey of screen sizes which jogged my memory and I thought I would add some more data. I looked at the Google Analytics (GA) for a site I have access to with traffic in the low millions per month, and took a sample of that for December.