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ARIA tabs, UI problems and standards

Classic three tab demo example.There have been a couple of articles on ARIA tabs recently, I pick up some specific points from both articles, analyse the interactions and suggest a way forward.

Subscription accessibility update

Back in 2006 I posted about 'subscription accessibility', where sites have to pay to enable accessibility features for users. It came up with a different service so I thought it worth re-considering.

Zoom for fixed and responsive sites

I also considered calling this "Why zoom sucks on mobile", as that is the biggest issue with zooming & web development. To understand why I'll walk through the different ways zoom works on desktop and mobile.

ReCAPTCHA updated to no-CAPTCHA

Interesting post from Google on their update for reCAPTCHA, where they are replacing the current CAPTCHA method.

CSUN 2014 round-up

This was my first CSUN conference and it was a very enjoyable, if very tiring event. Having posted quite a few sets of notes from the sessions, I though an overview of the resources and experience would be helpful.

CSUN: Accessibility in an Agile World

Amy Chen, Olga Sokolova and Beth Bemis talk about how they incorporate accessibility into the agile process at Workday.

CSUN: Mobile Testing With the Viking & the Lumberjack

Billy and Karl mess with mobilesBilly Gregory and Karl Groves talk about demystifying and simplifying mobile testing with live demonstrations and straightforward techniques.

CSUN: WCAG evaluation methodology

Shadi Abou-Zahra and Eric Velleman spoke about the "Website accessibility conformance evaluation methodology" (WCAG-EM), i.e. how you test an entire website for accessibility.

CSUN: Crowdsourcing the Accessibility Awareness Problem

Presentation from Sassy Outwater with Billy Gregory and Sina Bahram on content creator awareness of accessibility practices, and how crowdsourcing might be the answer.

CSUN: The anatomy of an accessible app

Henny presenting.Henny Swan talks about the BBC's approach to creating a recent mobile application.