Yearly Archives: 2014

ReCAPTCHA updated to no-CAPTCHA

Interesting post from Google on their update for reCAPTCHA, where they are replacing the current CAPTCHA method.

Flexbox IE11 bugs

I recently started experimenting with flexbox. On this blog. Without enough testing. Or at least, without the kind of testing I would do for a work project. It's a live experiment! Here are the bugs I ran into.

CSUN 2014 round-up

This was my first CSUN conference and it was a very enjoyable, if very tiring event. Having posted quite a few sets of notes from the sessions, I though an overview of the resources and experience would be helpful.

CSUN: Accessibility in an Agile World

Amy Chen, Olga Sokolova and Beth Bemis talk about how they incorporate accessibility into the agile process at Workday.

CSUN: Mobile Testing With the Viking & the Lumberjack

Billy and Karl mess with mobilesBilly Gregory and Karl Groves talk about demystifying and simplifying mobile testing with live demonstrations and straightforward techniques.

CSUN: WCAG evaluation methodology

Shadi Abou-Zahra and Eric Velleman spoke about the "Website accessibility conformance evaluation methodology" (WCAG-EM), i.e. how you test an entire website for accessibility.

CSUN: Crowdsourcing the Accessibility Awareness Problem

Presentation from Sassy Outwater with Billy Gregory and Sina Bahram on content creator awareness of accessibility practices, and how crowdsourcing might be the answer.

CSUN: The anatomy of an accessible app

Henny presenting.Henny Swan talks about the BBC's approach to creating a recent mobile application.

CSUN: Accessibility theory vs implementation reality

Lessons learned from a project by Hans Hillen and Jennifer Gauvreau, what should have worked that didn't! Lots of JAWs/IE bugs and how they got around them.

CSUN: Browser zoom sucks for low vision users

Denis Boudreau and Wayne Dick presented on why browser zoom sucks, firstly from the point of view of testing with WCAG, and then from a low-vision user's point of view.