CSUN: sitecues

Aaron Leventhal presenting.Aaron Leventhal and Marc Zablastsky talk about Sitecues from AI squared, a widget you can add to a site that enables zooming and auditory output.

CSUN: Invisible Visualization: Accessible Information Graphics with Web Tech

Doug Schepers on data visualisation with Web technologies such as SVG, Canvas, ARIA, and the Web Audio API, so that you can make accessible information graphics.

CSUN: Scaling Web Accessibility at Facebook

Scaling web accessibility with Jeffrey Wieland, Ramya Sethuraman, George Zamfir from Facebook. There are lots of engineers building lots of products, how do you enable them to make accessible products?

CSUN: Responsive design and accessible design

George Zamfir presentingA presentation on the parallels between responsive design and accessible design By George Zamfir.

CSUN: International Association of Accessibility Professionals

Kathy Walbin, Rob Sinclair and David Dickter presenting about the IAAP.The IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals) has been rumbling along, preparing for a while now, and it’s time for the official launch.

CSUN: Improving accessibility without compromising user experience

Mi-Yeon Kim and Sarah Clatterbuck presenting.A presentation from Mi-Yeon Kim and Sarah Clatterbuck at Linkedin. They reviewed the accessibility aspects of a project called “Teamlink”, a ‘warm introduction’ feature where you ask a shared contact for an introduction to someone you aren’t connected to.

CSUN: WordPress tweetup – accessible presentations

Joe presenting at CSUN 2014.The first session I attended at CSUN was Joseph O’Connor’s presentation on: Cities, making free accessible Wordpress themes, and an announcement about a new project.

CSUN 2014 prep

Just a little heads up that I will be going to CSUN for the first time this year, which is taking place next week 19-21st March). I’ll be in San Diago (usefully) from the 18th to 23rd March.

I’m going to try and blog what I find, so suddenly this …

Use case for high-DPI zoom

In PPK’s much needed research into how browsers handle media queries, he suggests that there isn’t a use case for increasing the DPI when zooming in. I think I have one.

Design bomb in W3C’s garden

The W3C's new logo for HTML5 with a whacking great question mark next to it. A post came up in my feed called the BOMB in the GARDEN by Matthew Butterick. I found it… frustrating. I don’t think the solutions would help with the issues he raises.